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House, villa, apartment for sell in Thao Dien – An Phu, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

Bán biệt thự, nhà, căn hộ, đất phường Thảo Điền, Quận 2 và Quận 2, TPHCM

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Conquer the formidable Northern Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass - Ha Giang
Ma Pi Leng means horses nose, connected to Dong Van, Meo Vac, which are the two most remote communes of Ha Giang province. Pass was built 60 years of the twentieth century by workers mainly ethnic Mongolian rock, san road but should.
Initially only a small cliff paths for pedestrians, carts and vehicles. To carve stone path, one must hang on the rope, halfway between the stone cat ears that construction in the past 11 months.
Pass about 20km long, protruding between the rocks, the mountain spring the same class the same message message. Gray mountains of lead, each connected to the majestic horizon. Distance is the Nho Que River gently squeezed like a thin scarf.
Way down the river running almost parallel to the river until they meet at the river, the color red soil adhered to take the wheel. From the side it shows all the long side like a snake slithering eel squeezed from his mountain to other mountains.
Mountains do not grow plants or vegetables. Mongolia to send daily brought from far away land tucked into every cave, used stone inserted again to keep rain water does not take land away, and then seeded into corn seed.
The green corn stalks grow own garden in the gray rocks, such as where life still rise each day this arid land.
Ma Phuc Pass - Cao Bang
Pass The reason is so called because the two national highways, two blocks of limestone, into the same standing as the two flanking horses lying prostrate. 620m high mountain pass, over the past seven slope to reach the top, where the sign reads: Welcome to Chongqing.
Cao Bang limestone mountain is not high, majestic scenery is not like other mountain pass, the pass road is not too dangerous. Code radiating from Easter to the main branch of the province of Cao Bang. From the Pass turn left to the village total head - where the famous old tree and buffalo fair on Sunday, visiting the ancient village of Na Short, to the gate Tra Linh.
Quang Uyen turn right pass the gate way to the Ta Lung International. Turn left back up to Chongqing, through the whispering pine trees, running parallel to Ban Gioc Falls and last term is the way to Lang Ha, the term of the province.
Pass wide and beautiful children. The low mountain range after another long, steep stretch this side of the field circuit triangular purple flowers in spring and the green corn fields when the summer. Dimension is gradually let go of the ball, the sun had fallen on the undulating mountains.
O Quy Ho Pass - Lao Cai
Pass this famous son named Hoang Lien Son mountain pass, between Lao Cai and Lai Chau to the record length of over 40km. Deo also wear your people call for high cloud cover year round, even in summer days.
The biggest difference in temperature between the two regions, while Lai Chau side the weather is cool, dry, then just move to Lao Cai on the other side slopes will get even the cold wind cut the skin to the cold cut meat .
O Quy Ho Pass corruption running smoothly around the Hoang Lien range, where the highest peak in Indochina Fansipan. The road passes through the Ham Rong Park, Silver Falls, Sun station, are popular tourist spots.
Pha Din Pass - Lai Chau
Many people are confused or the Pha Din Pass Pha Din. However, the portable names of the Pha Din Pass this means heaven and earth, with the highest peaks over 1600m.
According to the legend recounted by the two sides dispute the mountains, horses of Lai Chau and Son La and stems, horse run to where the land belongs to the territory of that province until the meet. The result is a faster horse Lai Chau to the land belonging to Lai Chau broader.
Pha Din Pass famous for its beautiful and dangerous. Pass the road constantly and the steep slope crabs crabs over 32km in length sleeves. From Thuan Chau Tuan Giao to pass the most difficult, is being extended and deep into the mountain.
Have the time stop at the foot of the pass and sip tea with peach immature bitterness, playing with the kids in the village to see the exciting range of life goals.
Sunny days, from the Pass area visible in Lai Chau panoramic vast, vast mountain ranges serial. In the rainy season roads become extremely dangerous to deadly trappass around.
Source: website angiangtourimex



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